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May 2014

Homeowner accounts are not the board’s slush fund

As seen on the Los Angeles Times: Question: Our homeowner association’s president explained to our board how the budget process actually works. She said: “You start by working out how much you can get out of the homeowners, then you go

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Tonino Lamborghini Antares is an eye-catching phone but not much more

As seen on Los Angeles Times: The Tonino Lamborghini Antares is not like any other smartphone, and that’s because it’s mostly an expensive piece of jewelry. The Antares is a $4,000 device built by an Italian brand that makes accessories

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El Nino could bring more record-breaking weather to U.S.

As seen on CBS: A giant El Nino is expected this year, new weather models predict. It threatens to change weather patterns around the world, affecting billions of people. An El Nino – meaning in Spanish “the little boy, or

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Workers Claim Thousands of Dollars in False Injury Claims

As seen on ABC News:

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Recent Quakes Push Interest, Sales of Policies in California

As seen on the Insurance Journal: Some people don’t need Earth Day to be reminded they live on a planet powered by the forces of nature. The recent string earthquakes on the Pacific belt may have hit home with California

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Boy’s generous act sparks ripple effect

As seen on CNN: A Texas boy uses his own savings to buy smoke detectors for his community.

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Art dealer indicted in $33 million scheme

As seen on CNN Justice: Spanish art dealer Jose Carlos Bergantiños Diaz helped persuade wealthy buyers to shell out millions of dollars for works he claimed famous masters of modern art had painted. But in reality, U.S. authorities allege, the

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