FAQ Group: Transport

How much liability insurance do I need for my aircraft?

The appropriate coverage is different for everyone. It will be based primarily on the exposures you have during operation of the aircraft. Factors that go into determining the appropriate limits include: number of passenger seats, average passenger load per flight, the composition of the passengers (employees, family, etc.) and what

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Do I need insurance for my boat if it is not that expensive?

Your financial risk as a boat owner doesn’t just include the cost of replacing or repairing your boat. For instance, you should consider potential medical bills if you, someone on your boat, or another person is injured in an accident. Also, there is potential liability for repairing property damage. The

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How do I know if I need more auto insurance coverage?

If you have any financial assets, even retirement savings, but you have an auto insurance policy with your state’s minimum liability requirements, you are likely underinsured. In an event where you become liable over your limits, you could be forced to liquidate assets. So how much insurance do you need?

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