FAQ Group: Umbrella

What is Group Personal Excess Coverage?

A group personal excess policy provides that additional layer of protection with some added benefits of a personal umbrella policy. A major benefit of group personal excess over individual excess coverage is that there is no individual underwriting. That means that as a member of a group you are automatically

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Do I need umbrella coverage?

It depends, but almost anyone can benefit from obtaining personal umbrella insurance. If you have personal assets you want to protect or hobbies that pose higher risks of injury to other people, such as boating or hunting, you should strongly consider adding the protection that a personal umbrella insurance policy

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What is umbrella or excess liability insurance?

Umbrella or excess liability insurance is a type of extra liability insurance that addresses potential coverage gaps in your existing insurance coverage. An umbrella policy protects you against major claims that are higher than what your other insurance policies cover. An umbrella or excess liability policy provides an additional layer

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