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How to improve your driving when the rain arrives

Many Southern Californians are wondering: what happened to El Niño? The torrential rains brought by a conveyor belt of storms has not materialized this winter, but scientists say it’s still coming. El Niño expert Bill Patzert of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory says the squalls are coming a month later than

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How to prepare your car for El Niño rains

All forecasts are pointing to a strong El Niño winter, which means a high chance of significant rainfall for California. In 2011, the last rainy winter, more than 8,615 people were killed or injured in California in crashes involving rain, snow and fog, according to the California Highway Patrol. “You do not

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El Nino could bring more record-breaking weather to U.S.

As seen on CBS: A giant El Nino is expected this year, new weather models predict. It threatens to change weather patterns around the world, affecting billions of people. An El Nino – meaning in Spanish “the little boy, or Christ child” – is created when the equatorial waters of

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