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December 2014

Camarillo Springs mudslide victims dig out

As seen on the LATimes: On the day after Jim Shiraishi’s home of 24 years was destroyed by a wall of mud and rocks that poured into his backyard in a burst of fury, all he could think about was

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To Rent or Buy, That is the Question

Renting vs. Buying When making the trying decision to rent vs buy, it is imperative that you evaluate the costs. Renting a home and home buying will both involve unique expenses, which must be weighed and considered. In determining whether

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West Coast storms surprise Los Angeles with…a tornado, captured on video

As seen on CNN: Los Angeles (CNN) — Just when you thought the nation’s entertainment capital couldn’t deliver a new surprise ending, a camera-wielding resident reveals how this week’s Pacific storm sent Los Angeles a tornado. The rare twister was

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Insurance Implications After the Loss of a Loved One

Guidance Through This Trying Time Unfortunately, some of the most trying experiences in life leave us having to rummage through paperwork to get everything in order. While mourning for the loss of a loved one should be at the forefront,

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Is Your California Home Protected From Earthquakes?

The Importance of Every Californian Having Earthquake Insurance California residents are no stranger to the shakes that leave costly damages in their wake. Since earthquakes are one of the most unpredictable disasters, we must be prepared for their arrival at

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Swiss museum accepts ‘hidden’ art bequeathed by controversial dealer

As seen on Fox News: BERLIN –  A Swiss museum agreed on Monday to accept a priceless collection of long-hidden art bequeathed to it by German collector Cornelius Gurlitt, but said it will work with German officials to ensure any

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Cost to Rebuild vs. Replacement Cost vs. Market Value

A Breakdown of the Differences Between Market Value, Replacement Cost & Cost to Rebuild Far too many homeowners are confused about the difference between market value, replacement cost, and the cost to rebuild. As a homeowner, it is important that

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The Most Dangerous States for Pedestrians

Take Extra Caution as a Pedestrian in These States With all the unexpected occurrences in the world, we are always looking to remain safe and enjoy life. Everyone knows the dangers of operating a vehicle on the open roads, but

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