Is Your California Home Protected From Earthquakes?

The Importance of Every Californian Having Earthquake Insurance

California residents are no stranger to the shakes that leave costly damages in their wake. Since earthquakes are one of the most unpredictable disasters, we must be prepared for their arrival at all times. Rather than leaving the well-being of your home up to chance, it is imperative that you obtain earthquake insurance.

Despite common neglect, your homeowners insurance policy specifically excludes coverage for earthquake damages. Therefore, the only way to feel confident in your protection is by obtaining this supplemental insurance policy.

Many individuals forgo this vital form of protection, assuming that it is simply not worth the extra monthly premium. However, the damage earthquakes leave behind often exceeds conventional expenses, leaving you vulnerable to grave financial harm. Rather than leaving your biggest investment at risk, seek earthquake insurance protection before the next big one comes along!

Contact Chivaroli Premier for all of your homeowners insurance and earthquake insurance needs. Securing your home is our main priority, and as experienced California agents, you can feel confident that we know the best way to protect you.