Is Standard Minimum Auto Liability Coverage Enough?

Upon purchasing auto insurance, your insurance agent will likely explain to you that you are required to purchase that standard minimum liability coverage. When they ask you if you would like to purchase additional liability coverage, they are not doing so to simply boost your premium amount. Rather, most individuals will not receive enough coverage under their state’s minimum required liability coverage.

Multi-vehicle car accidents that result in multiple injuries can leave you in financial ruin if you do not have sufficient liability coverage. The medical expenses of each injured individual, their lost wages, and legal fees if they decide to take legal action against you will exceed the minimum required liability coverage.

To combat this problem, it is highly recommended that you safeguard your assets and purchase additional liability coverage. Whether you choose to simply raise your limits or purchase an umbrella insurance policy is up to you. However, it is important to understand that many common situations would put you in financial harm if you do not opt for the additional protection.

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