Backcountry fire risk decreases in San Diego County

It may now be possible for property owners in San Diego County’s backcountry to buy fire insurance for the first time. 

The change comes after an insurance organization that weighs wildfire risk determined that the backcountry is safer after years of investment, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The ruling may also make it possible for current policy holders to pay lower premiums.

The improve rating comes from the Insurance Service Office. 

The wildfire risk was lowered after San Diego County put different fire agencies under one command and added more firefighter staffing, equipment, training and communication systems, according to the newspaper.

The changes cost $350 million to San Diego County.

However, there is still a question on how much savings there could possibly be on insurance policies, the newspaper reported. The Insurance Service Office does not set the price of premiums, according to the LA Times.

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