California Wildfires Pose Serious Threats

Drought and forestry management practices have created a state of emergency in the forests that lie close to urban areas in California.  The Yosemite wildfire sparked fears that available resources would be unable to stop the fire’s path before it reached water and hydropower sources that support San Francisco.

In recent years, insurance providers have paid enormous sums of money for catastrophic wildfires that destroyed hundreds of homes in Colorado.  Population density in California raises concerns of a wildfire that penetrates the edge of Los Angeles or San Francisco could result in even larger payouts.

No one can control Mother Nature, but homeowners can take significant measures to create defensible space around the structures on the property.  Fire mitigation practices have become a significant topic for discussion in lawmaking sessions at every level.  Insurance companies want city councils and state lawmakers to pressure homeowners to do more to protect their properties from wildfires.

Private property laws prevent lawmakers from applying demands for fire mitigation compliance.  Tax incentives are being considered in areas of Colorado.  These measures encourage the homeowner to participate in the wildfire fight.  California homeowners are wise to consider the true risks that could be reduced through mitigation efforts.

More specifically, there are certain insurance carriers that provide specific wildfire protection services such as a fire retardant coating in the event that a fire is threatening your home.  To discuss these options as well as review the insurance coverage you may already have in place, please contact Chivaroli Premier, today.  Their insurance specialists can answer any questions and ensure that you are properly prepared before the next California wildfire occurs.