Can You Spot the Phishing Emails? Google Wants You To

Can You Spot the Phishing Emails? Google Wants You To

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Phishing scams are one of the most common forms of cyber attack, sent by hackers hoping to trick recipients into clicking a link to a fake website and stealing your password.

One percent of emails sent today are phishing attempts, according to Google. 

Now you can test yourself to see how vulnerable you might be to a phishing attack thanks to a new quiz from Google subsidiary Jigsaw.

The quiz takes test-takers through different email scenarios to see if they can spot if the email is real or a phishing attack.

After answering each question, the quiz shows users tips on how to spot fake and malicious emails.

“We’ve studied the latest techniques attackers use, and designed the quiz to teach people how to spot them,” writes Jigsaw product manager Justin Henck in a blog post about the quiz

Some of the best protection against phishing is knowing how to spot it in the first place.

Try the Google phishing quiz to see if you can spot the fakes.