Choosing which road to travel could factor into your car insurance

Most drivers don’t give much thought about the roads they take, but that route could potentially add dollars to your auto insurance.

Big insurers including Allstate, State Farm and Travelers are pushing for trip-based insurance rates, which will charge customers based on the riskiness of each trip they take.

Using tracking technology, drivers’ rates would change for each trip according to route riskiness, weather conditions and the number of passengers, among other factors. For instance, making a left turn at an intersection could be deemed riskier than going straight based on the accident history at that intersection.

Under this trip-based system, drivers could check the recommended “cheapest,” or less risky, route via smartphone, but it could mean avoiding the fastest way to your destination.

Several insurers are already using tracking technology to adjust rates based on driver behavior such as speeding and hard braking.

While it remains to be seen what specific technology emerges, insurers are signaling how auto insurance pricing might evolve

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