Dog Owners Should Be Aware Of Dog Bite Liability

With the warm weather outside, more people will be taking their pets out for long walks. Unfortunately, it will also be time to be careful with your dog. If you own a dog breed that can be aggressive toward other pets or people, you will be held liable for those injuries through dog bite liability.

What is dog bite liability? It means that if you knew that the dog is prone to biting people and is dangerous but you still put them into situations where someone may get hurt, you will be held completely liable for the dog bite. Other states will also have additional laws in place to make the owner liable even if they don’t know if the dog has a tendency to bite or if the owner was careless and negligent with their dog.

Your homeowners insurance may not cover dog bite injuries caused by dangerous dog breeds. In fact, your insurance company may have a list of dog breeds that they won’t cover, such as pit bulls, due to the number of attacks associated with the dog, according to Claims Journal.

Check your homeowners insurance in regards to pet bites. If it doesn’t cover dog bites or doesn’t offer a lot of protection, you may have to get a separate dog liability insurance policy.

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