Easy Ways To Help Keep You Safe During Summer Travel

With summer travel season reaching its peak, most people are busy thinking about what to pack and what to do first when they arrive at their destination.
But that leaves many travelers unprepared to deal with unfortunate surprises such as a wallet getting stolen or getting sick.
Commonsense and a little preparedness will go a long way to preventing mishaps at home and on the road.
Here are a few ways to help protect property and have a great time while traveling:
Keep it private: Only distribute your travel itinerary to those who need to know. Avoid sharing your trip on social media prior to and during your time away. Not sharing photos instantly can help avoid home break-ins.
Make your home looked lived in: If it looks like someone’s home it can help prevent a break-in. Stop your mail and package deliveries, ask a neighbor to clear flyers and door hangers and put a few inside lights on timers that can be seen from the street. 
Be careful with technology: We live in a connected world, but traveling could be a good time to disconnect. Only take tech you’ll need and try to limit data stored on devices like laptops.
Protect your identity: Keep bank cards protected in an RFID-blocking wallet and try to use only credit cards while traveling. Cash is hard to replace and is king for pickpocketers.
Consider travel insurance: If your medical insurance doesn’t provide coverage outside the U.S., consider purchasing a short-term medical policy. Also, consider travel insurance which can help cover unexpected costs that occur before or during a vacation including medical expenses, lost or stolen luggage, and trip cancellation.
Once you have the right plans in place, relax and have fun.