Five Tips for Collecting Wine

You’ve found the space, purchased some expensive bottles of wine and now it’s time to really start collecting. 

Here are five tips for becoming a true collector. 

  1. Start slowly. Don’t buy too much of one bottle of wine. Your taste will evolve. Buy two bottles at a time. One to drink and one to aside. 
  2. Don’t just collect red wine. Dry white wine ages just as well as the reds. 
  3. You don’t have to stock up on trophy wines. Most of why you’ll need is something you would want for a weeknight dinner. 
  4. Corks do fail. Beware buying wines as an investment. 
  5. Make sure your collection is well organized. How are you supposed to find that special bottle if you don’t know where it is? A little organization goes a long way. 

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