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Four Ways to Protect College Students from Losses

Whether it is the first time or the last time, the start of a new year of college is filled with anticipation.


At such a time of excitement, we often do not give consideration to the possibility of bad outcomes. More than 50 percent of all on-campus crime fall into one category: burglary. That’s according to the National Center for Education Statistics.


It’s always better to prevent a loss than deal with the aftermath of stolen or damaged personal items. Here are four things you and your college student can do to help keep their stuff safe on campus.




Students will be taking a computer or laptop to campus, but any other expensive tech, valuable jewelry, and luxury items like watches should stay home.


If your student insists on bringing valuable items to school, consider purchasing a special floater or endorsement to your homeowners’ policy to cover those items.




Consider engraving a name or other identifying information on computers, TVs, and other electronics. It can assist the police track down stolen items if theft occurs. Also, consider buying and using a laptop security cable. That combination lock may be enough to deter a thief.




It’s important to inventory all of the items your student is taking with them and update it each fall. Having a detailed list will significantly help get any insurance claim settled faster in the event of theft or another mishap.




It may seem obvious, but always lock dorm room doors when the room is empty. Get your roommates or suitemates to agree they’ll do the same. Most dorm thefts occur during the day, so even if you leave briefly, lock up.


And don’t leave belongings unattended. Classrooms, the library, and other public areas are the main places where property theft occurs.


Taking a few steps before your student gets to campus and some common-sense safety measure on campus can help the school year go off without a hitch.