Extra Coverage Options for Homeowners Insurance

The amount of homeowners who do not understand what is covered under their homeowners’ insurance policy is overwhelming. While you may know the basic coverage options, gathered are a few extra coverage options that many homeowners have never thought about:

  • Comprehensive homeowners’ insurance policies typically include rodent damage coverage in case a squirrel damages your outdoor electrical system.
  • Most homeowners’ insurance and auto insurance policies will provide coverage if the home or car is damaged by riots.
  • In the event that your fully stocked refrigerator is unable to run when a storm knocks out your home’s power, some homeowners’ insurance policies will provide you with spoiled food coverage.
  • Many homeowners’ insurance policies will provide you with coverage if your home is damaged by stampeding animals. If you live in an area that is surrounded by cattle and other large animals, you may want to seek additional coverage for optimal protection.

Contact Chivaroli Premier for all of your homeowners’ insurance needs. We will safeguard your home from a variety of common perils, including some of these unique coverage options you did not previously know about!