Don’t Let Natural Disasters Become Your Worst Nightmare

Natural disasters can cause a lot of damage, which can be extremely costly to a homeowner! According to RealtyTrac, 55% of U.S. homes are in a “high-risk” zone for natural disasters. Know the risks of where you live because your insurance rates depend on it.

If you move to the Deep South your chances of a natural disaster hitting your home are significantly increased. Tornadoes and hurricanes are relatively common to the Deep South region. The last large tornado caused 64 casualties and around $2.4 billion in damages. Areas with high earthquake activity, like California, can be costly as well.

How can you minimize your risk of damages?

  • If buying a house in a high-risk area, pay attention to the quality of the house’s construction and architectural details. The more you know about your house, the easier you can determine how it will be affected by the natural disasters that are common in your area.

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