It Doesn’t Pay to Skimp on Your Insurance

Some people try to save money on insurance by purchasing the minimum coverage available.

But, the risk of purchasing the minimum policy is it can lead to surprises if an unforeseen event does occur.

For instance, you’re at fault for an auto accident and you get sued, the minimum coverage may not be enough.

Here are a few key points you should know about trying to save on most common type of insurance: property and casualty insurance. This type of insurance applies to your home, auto and boat policies along with other personal liability from lawsuits and other claims. 

There are ways to keep the right amount of coverage and save money. Insurance companies have different risk tolerances, so you may be able to find lower rates with the same level of coverage by shopping around. 

Additionally, you can lower your payments by increasing your deductibles. That means you’ll pay more out of your pocket before the insurance coverage kicks in. Consider the big picture of your financial situation if you go that route.

Most of all, make sure you educate yourself on what’s insurance products are available and how you can best protect your assets.

Don’t be afraid to talk to a professional when deciding on the best insurance coverage. Independent insurance agents or fee-only financial advisors will ask questions designed to help you determine the best mix of insurance for your situation.