Venice sign spanning across Windward Avenue at Pacific in Venice Beach, Calif.

Major Tsunami Would Sink New Parts of LA, Experts Say

New parts of Los Angeles coastal communities could end up underwater if a worst-case tsunami strikes, according to state geologists.

The updated tsunami maps were released last month during Tsunami Preparedness Week, according to the LA Times. It is a reminder for coastal residents to get ready for disasters that may or may not occur in their lifetimes.

According to the LA Times analysis of the map, Long Beach has the most considerable changes. The updates also add some upscale areas in Hermosa Beach, Marina Del Rey, and Santa Monica, along with several retail locations in Malibu.

Tsunami maps help support city and county evacuation plans, which vary widely due to local conditions.

“You’re going to feel that strong ground shaking,” engineering geologist Nick Graehl told the LA Times. “You don’t wait for that official warning. You feel that earthquake; you go. And you go to a safe area, and you stay there until there’s an official all-clear.”

During a tsunami, experts recommended mode of evacuation is by foot, not by vehicle. 

“We’ve done some studies with U.S. Geological Survey and found if people get in their cars and try to drive out of areas like Marina del Rey and Port of Los Angeles, Port of Long Beach, they’ll be stuck in traffic, and they won’t get out in time,” senior engineering geologist Rick Wilson said. 

Geologists say people should check the map, find an evacuation route, and practice it.

Search the tsunami evacuation zones to see if your location has been added or removed at

Photo Credit: Martin Péchy / Pexels