Malicious Deliveryman Could Freeze Your Amazon Key Camera

Malicious Deliveryman Could Freeze Your Amazon Key Camera

Amazon may be one of the easiest ways to get what you need and with its new service, Amazon Key, packages can be securely delivered just inside your front door.

The service relies on the internet-enabled Amazon Cloud Cam and compatible smart lock. The camera is designed to sit opposite your door and record every Amazon Key delivery.

The customer receives a notification that the delivery has arrived, along with a video to reassure the drop-off gets done appropriately.

However, Cloud Cam may not be as secure as Amazon wants you to think it is according to Wired Magazine.

But now security researchers have demonstrated that with a simple program run from any computer in Wi-Fi range, that camera can be not only disabled, but frozen. A viewer watching its live or recorded stream sees only a closed door, even as their actual door is opened and someone slips inside. That attack would potentially enable rogue delivery people to stealthily steal from Amazon customers, or otherwise invade their inner sanctum.

If you value convenience but are wary of security flaws, you can consider another separate security camera system or possibly place a clock or other moving object in the view of the Cloud Cam.

A far simpler solution offered by the security researchers: don’t use Amazon Key.

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