Protect Your Boat During Repairs By Knowing Your Rights

It may seem unthinkable to have your boat seriously damaged or involved in an accident after you bring it to the marina for repairs. However, it happens on a regular basis and leaves many boat owners wondering how they are going to pay for the costs. Nearly all marinas and boat repair companies require owners to sign liability waivers that reduces their responsibility to practically nothing while the boat is in their care.

To keep the yacht or cruiser fully protected while it’s being refinished, it’s best to invest in a separate liability insurance policy. Checking your coverage for extra protection during repairs is the only way to know you won’t be footing the bill for damages caused by your boat as well. Talk to your insurance carrier before dropping the boat off and signing that waiver or you could find yourself out of luck when calling to make a claim without previous approval.

If you’re ready for better boat protection with a separate liability insurance policy, contact Chivaroli Premier today.