Protect Your Home: Insure Against Catastrophic Weather

You might think you are sitting pretty in the New Year. Perhaps you even took the opportunity to review your insurance policies, resulting in a few coverage adjustments. You are set to go. That is, until disaster strikes. You may be surprised to learn that certain catastrophic weather incidents might not be covered on your homeowners insurance policy.

In Southern California, there are three basic disasters to fear: wildfires, flooding and earthquakes. Do you remember the wildfires of 2007, which destroyed 1,500 homes and ripped through 500,000 acres? If you do not, you should think of the victims left destitute when they learned that wildfires were not part of their standard insurance policy coverage. Of course there is always a problem with flash floods after wildfire season. And earthquakes can strike at anytime, anywhere along the California coast.

If you are not sure if your insurance policies protect you against these calamities, you should have someone in the insurance industry that is by your side. Contact Chivaroli Premier Insurance Services before disaster strikes.