Risk Grows As Climate Change Drives Extreme Weather

Scientists agree that there is growing evidence that climate change is driving people from their homes. 

Dozens were killed and more than 100,000 homes were damaged in flooding in Louisiana and 82,000 people were evacuated in San Bernardino County just in the past few weeks. 

According to the Washington Post, scientists say extreme weather events will increase in number and intensity. 

For every degree of warming, the atmosphere is capable of holding 7 percent more water vapor, Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research told the newspaper. 

Trenberth said it was “pathetic” that reports on the flooding in Louisiana did not mention climate change. 

However, the insurance industry is taking a hard look at the link between climate change and more intense weather. 

A recent report by insurance company FM Global assessed disaster risk related to increased rainfall in the United States

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