Scheduling Valuables on your Homeowners Policy

There are an overwhelming number of homeowners who believe that their expensive personal belongings receive coverage under their homeowners’ insurance policy. In fact, your homeowners’ insurance policy likely specifically excludes such items. These items may include the family heirlooms your grandmother gave you, the fine china from your wedding, or all of the expensive fine art pieces you have been collecting over the years.

Insuring your valuables can be as simple as scheduling valuables on your homeowners’ policy. Scheduled personal property coverage is an endorsement to your homeowners’ insurance policy that will allow your appraised items to be reimbursed to you at replacement cost value. In contrast, your standard homeowners’ insurance policy will only reimburse covered items at actual cash value, which takes depreciation into consideration.

Additionally, your scheduled items will be replaced without you having to pay a deductible. Since your scheduled items will be appraised, you will receive reimbursement or replacement for the item for exactly what it is worth. Scheduled personal property coverage is the answer to safeguarding your most important items.

Contact Chivaroli Premier for all of your homeowners’ insurance needs. Insuring your jewelry and other important valuables can be simple with us by your side.