Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Insurance Premium Down

Homeowners insurance is extremely useful to have in case of emergencies, but when an emergency does happen and you have to file a claim, it can be a nightmare to your wallet! One claim, regardless of the size, can raise your insurance premium by at least 9%. File another claim, and your premium could increase even more. Gathered are some useful tips to counteract this and protect yourself in case of an unplanned emergency:

  • Raise your deductible. Not so high that you are unable to afford the out of pocket costs for damage, but enough to give you more coverage.
  • Avoid smaller claims. Small claims can cost you more in the long run than you would get back from your insurance provider for the damage. If at all possible, try to avoid filing claims for smaller damages or small repairs.
  • Keep your options open. Browse different quotes every now and then. You might be able to find equal coverage for a lower price.

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