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December 2013

The Impact of a Dog on Homeowners’ Insurance

Homeowners who have dogs may want to check their insurance coverage. Many don’t realize that insurance companies often put clauses into their policies restricting coverage or automatically excluding coverage altogether if a specific breed of dog is purchased by the

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Recovering From Sewage Backup

Poor weather, freezing pipes, and more can lead to damages in sewage systems that can lead to severe sewage backup. Though it may seem as though sewage backup is something that you can easily come back from, an event of

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Best Neighborhoods to go Christmas Light Looking

One of our favorite ways to spend time with the family over the holidays is to gaze at the beautiful Christmas lights!  There are several communities in the area who put on a great display, year after year. Candy Cane

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Useful Homeowner’s Policy Gaps

There is no doubt that homeowners insurance is essential and incredibly helpful, having the right homeowners policy can help save your family time, money, and overall hassle. Having a good gap insurance plan to cover policy gaps is a great

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Are you covered if your nanny sues?

You like your nanny, almost as much as your children do. You have a great relationship with your nanny that you expect to last for years. Suddenly, your nanny, while driving your car on a household errand, has an accident

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Broken Water Main Floods Exclusive Neighborhood in Tarzana

As seen on KTLA 5: Multiple fire trucks were responding to flooding in the streets of a community of million-dollar homes in Tarzana on Thursday evening after an apparent water main break. Water was coursing through the street near Brewster

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