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April 2014

Oklahoma Had Nearly 150 Earthquakes in One Month

As seen on ABC News: ABC US News | ABC Business News Forty-eight earthquakes have rattled the ground in Oklahoma in the past week, contributing to one of the most earthquak-fraught months on record in the state. According to the

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Floods, slides, damage: Does your homeowner’s insurance cover?

As seen on ABC News:  LOS ANGELES (KABC) — With rains, flooding and mudslides there is usually some confusion as to what homeowner’s insurance covers. And what you should take with you if you have to evacuate because of mudslides? Mudslides

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Anti-Theft Features Added to Samsung Smartphones

As seen on Claims Journal: Samsung Electronics will add two safeguards to its latest smartphone in an effort to deter rampant theft of the mobile devices nationwide, the company said Friday. The world’s largest mobile-phone maker said users will be

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How to Check If Your Car Has Recalled Parts

As seen on ABC News: Though General Motors has been at the center of a well-publicized recall of 2.6 million small cars this year, many drivers remain either apathetic or uninformed that they may be driving a car with recalled

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Umbrella Coverage for Preventing Your Ruin

As seen on the New York Times: HERE’S the nightmare: Your car skids. You crash into a Mercedes with a highly paid business executive at the wheel. He’s hurt so badly he cannot return to work. A jury awards him

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Dog Owners Should Be Aware Of Dog Bite Liability

With the warm weather outside, more people will be taking their pets out for long walks. Unfortunately, it will also be time to be careful with your dog. If you own a dog breed that can be aggressive toward other

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Introducing High Net Worth Personal Insurance Lines

As insurance carriers searched for ways to expand and improve their product offerings, industry executives recognized unique and diverse risk in a rather unusual space–the high net worth market. Interestingly enough, while the affluent are generally thought of as having

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Giant goose smashes through windshield

As seen on CNN: A Colorado woman arrived to work a bit late after a large goose smashed through her windshield in a freak accident.

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Stolen paintings found 40 years later

As seen on CNN: Italian authorities manage to recover two French masterpieces after they were stolen from a London home in 1970.

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Protect Your Boat During Repairs By Knowing Your Rights

It may seem unthinkable to have your boat seriously damaged or involved in an accident after you bring it to the marina for repairs. However, it happens on a regular basis and leaves many boat owners wondering how they are

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