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November 2014

Myths About Home Buying Debunked

Common Myths About Home Buying Revealed When it comes to home buying, there are so many myths out there that it has become almost impossible to distinguish between fact and rumor. We want you to be completely in the know

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Earthquake early alert system ready to expand in California

As seen on The LA Times:  Officials are planning the first major rollout of California’s earthquake early warning system next year, providing access to some schools, fire stations and more private companies. The ambitious plan highlights the progress scientists have

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Avoid Stress For College Students: Protect Yourself With Renters Insurance

Students who live on campus typically do not worry about renters insurance because their parent’s policy will typically cover losses or damages. Once you move off campus and have to pay rent yourself, mom and dad’s insurance policy may not

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Top 20 Cars That Are Speeding Ticket Magnets

We all know that red vehicles and sports cars are the cars most likely to be pulled over for speeding because they draw more attention to themselves. For many, it’s something parents tell their children when they buy their first car.

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Don’t Let Natural Disasters Become Your Worst Nightmare

Natural disasters can cause a lot of damage, which can be extremely costly to a homeowner! According to RealtyTrac, 55% of U.S. homes are in a “high-risk” zone for natural disasters. Know the risks of where you live because your

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Get Your Money: Tips To Make Your Insurance Providers Pay Up

Homeowners insurance is there to help you when things go wrong. Yet when something happens, homeowners are unsure of how to get insurance providers to pay up! Here are some tips to help make sure you get the most out

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Do Not Let An Earthquake Shake Down Your Home

If you live in an earthquake prone area, like California, it is probably a good idea to be protected. Yet only about 17% of California homeowners make the decision to get earthquake insurance. We buy insurance not just to cover

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