Convenience versus Privacy: Amazon Will Deliver to Your Car

Convenience versus Privacy: Amazon Will Deliver to Your Car

There’s in-home delivery and now Amazon will offer its Prime customers in-car delivery.

The online retailer announced last week that Amazon delivery workers could place packages into certain vehicles parked at home, work, or other publicly accessible areas.

Prime members who drive GM-branded vehicles, such as Cadillac or Buick, with an active OnStar account, as well as Volvo owners with an active On Call account can take advantage of the service.

“If you trust Amazon with your data, as many people do, then delivery to the trunk of your car is a safe way to getting your package, and perhaps safer than in-home delivery,” Albert Gidari, director of privacy at the Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School told the Washington Post. “This is another example of trading off privacy and security for convenience.”

Amazon says in-car delivery is one way to combat the problem of package theft. The service comes as both cities and cars become more connected to the internet.

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