Driving Rules For Older Drivers…A State-By-State Guide

States are given the responsibility for setting forth the rules and requirements regarding driver’s license renewals for each state resident, including any exceptions for older drivers. Here, we will list renewal requirements for senior drivers in each of our 50 states.

Two Year Renewals

  • Hawaii (2-year renewals, 72)
  • Indiana (2-year renewals, 81)
  • Iowa (2-year renewals, 70)
  • Rhode Island (2-year renewals, 75)

Three Year Renewals

  • Illinois (3-year renewals, 75)
  • Missouri (3-year renewals, 70)

Four Year Renewals

  • Alabama (No Exceptions)
  • Arkansas  (No Exceptions)
  • Kansas (4-year renewals with eye exam, 65)
  • Kentucky (No Exceptions)
  • Louisiana (In-person only, 70)
  • Maine (4-year renewals at 65, eye exam required)
  • Michigan (No Exceptions)
  • Minnesota (No Exceptions)
  • Montana (4-year renewals, 75)
  • Nevada (In-person only, 71)
  • New Jersey (No Exceptions)
  • New Mexico (4-year renewals, 67; annual renewals, 75)
  • North Dakota (4-year renewals, 78)
  • Ohio (No Exceptions)
  • Oklahoma (No Exceptions)
  • Pennsylvania (No Exceptions)
  • Vermont  (No Exceptions)
  • Wyoming  (No Exceptions)

Five Year Renewals

  • Alaska (No Exceptions)
  • Arizona (No Exceptions)
  • California (In-person only, written test an eye exam required, 70)
  • Georgia (5-year renewals at 59; eye exams required, 64)
  • Nebraska (In-person only, 72)
  • North Carolina (5-year renewals begin at age 66)
  • South Carolina (Eye exam required,65)
  • South Dakota (No Exceptions)
  • Tennessee (No Exceptions)
  • Utah (Eye exam required, 65)
  • Washington (In-person only, 65)
  • West Virginia (No Exceptions)

Six Year Renewals

  • Connecticut (2-year renewal option available–not required)
  • Florida (6-year renewals with eye exam, 80)
  • Texas (In-person only, 79; 2-year renewals, 85)

Eight Year Renewals

  • Delaware (No exceptions)
  • District of Columbia (In-person only, 70, with doctor’s note)
  • Maryland (eye exam required after age 40)
  • New York (No Exceptions)
  • Oregon (Eye exams required after age 50)
  • Virginia (In-person only, 80, eye exam required)
  • Wisconsin (No Exceptions)

Note: Many states offer restrictive driving rights for drivers reported as unsafe. Iowa reserves the right to require annual renewals for drivers diagnosed with progressive illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

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