Staying Safe On St. Patrick’s Day Means More Than Going Green!

Everyone loves St. Patrick’s Day. Green rivers, green beer, green ham… OK… maybe not so much the green ham, but the green beer and other potent potables are definitely part of the celebrations. It’s easy to lose yourself in the fun when you celebrate St. Paddy’s, but paying attention to a few basic safety tips can save a lot more than money. They can save a life.

Here are some ways to stay safe and still have an awesome St. Patrick’s Day celebration:

1. Don’t drink and drive. If you’re cruising the bars, either walk, take a taxi or have a designated driver. Drinking and driving definitely doesn’t mix. 

2. Drink responsibly. Granted, part of the fun of St. Patty’s is hitting those bars, but not everyone around you will show restraint. By practicing a little moderation, if some celebrations get a bit exuberant, you can either go somewhere else, or at least stay out of the middle of the hurricane. 

3. Eat before and while you drink. This not only absorbs some of the alcohol but gives your body something else to process as well. By doing so, you can keep from getting too loaded before you’re ready to head home.

4. Again, taxis and designated drivers not only save lives but they can save your auto insurance too. DUI/DWI charges and accidents from driving impaired can be extremely expensive from a court standpoint and an insurance standpoint. 

Chivaroli Premier wants you to have a safe and fun St. Patrick’s Day! Contact them today to find out how you can make sure you stay safe this St. Paddy’s Day.