Earthquake Fault Under Rodeo Drive Concerns Seismic Experts

Earthquake Fault Under Rodeo Drive Concerns Seismic Experts

New data has California geologists redrawing an earthquake fault under the so-called Golden Triangle, running between Santa Monica and Wilshire boulevards.

The new map extends the Santa Monica fault zone below Beverly Hill’s central district and Rodeo Drive.

The Santa Monica fault is just one of many fault lines running below Southern California, but it is generating interest and concern from seismic experts.

Experts say the Santa Monica fault is capable of producing a major, 7-magnitude earthquake.

Areas with fault zones face limits on development.

Owners of properties in these zones are obligated to hire geologists to ensure that new buildings and major renovation projects aren’t located directly on an active fault line.

“We don’t want to put essential facilities on top of active faults, such as fire stations, hospitals, schools,”  Tim Dawson, a senior engineering geologist with the California Geological Survey, told the Washington Post.

It’s unclear whether any significant developments that have not been approved by local governments are in the fault zone, according to reports.