The burned hillside from a wildfire right up to the edge of homes

Officials Urge Southern California Residents to Prepare for Fire Season

With flames charring the California landscape, officials in Southern California are urging residents to be prepared.

Wildfires have already scorched more than 1.76 million acres across California, as of publication. That puts the state on pace to surpass the record 4 million acres that burnt in 2020, according to reports.

Twice in California history have blazes burned from one side of the Sierra Nevada to the other, with the Caldor and Dixie fires doing so in August, according to fire officials. 

Deputy regional forester for the Anthony Scardina told The L.A. Times the large fires in northern California could burn into early December. 

Officials believe that any fires that might ignite in Southern California in September could smolder to the end of the year.

Residents can help mitigate risks by “hardening” their homes before fires start, in part by clearing brush and creating what’s known as defensible space. Hardening your home doesn’t need to cost a lot of money.

Fire officials also advised residents to have an emergency supply kit and to make a plan to reconnect with family members if separated. In addition, Los Angeles locals can text the word “ready” to 888-777 to receive emergency updates about fires from the city.