Paul Revere’s Time Capsule Discovered

Dug Up At The Massachusetts State House, The Capsule Dates Back To 1795

While Paul Revere is famous for letting his fellow Americans know about what was coming in the future, over two centuries later he may shed some light on the past. A water leak at the Massachusetts State House in Boston led workers to its cornerstone, where they happened to come upon a box shaped capsule.

Any capsule unearthed that dates back to 1795 would be exciting, but this box is made even more special by the fact that Paul Revere and Samuel Adams placed it. Although the time capsule was discovered on December 11, it has taken some time to painstakingly extract it from the house, clean it up, and survey it with X-ray. The X-rays have revealed that the box likely contains documents, engraved plates, and old coins.

We will be able to know for certain what the box contains when it is opened on January 6 by Massachusetts state officials and staff from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

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