Stay Protected For One Of The Most Common Disasters

Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters in the United States and although certain areas may be more at risk of flooding, it can happen anywhere. Your homeowners insurance policy does not offer coverage for flooding related damages so it may be time to question whether or not you are prepared for this common disaster.

Separate policies are offered to cover damage caused by flooding but many people opt out because they do not believe they are at risk. Depending on the amount of coverage your flood insurance can cover you during a storm surge, mudflow, fallen trees on your home, damage from strong winds, or damage to major appliances from accumulation of waters that can happen after an unforeseen rainstorm.

The price of flood insurance can vary depending on the coverage you choose and the amount of flood risk in your area. Do not wait for a flood to strike to reconsider flood insurance.

Chivaroli Premier can help you find the right amount of flood insurance coverage for your home. With a complementary review of your insurance policies and a detailed analysis of the market place, Chivaroli Premier will provide a custom tailored policy to perfectly fit your insurance needs. Contact us today for more information.