What To Do If Your Tesla Runs Out Of Juice

Do you have the luxury of traveling or experiencing your daily commute in a new Tesla Model S? Have you been considering purchasing a Tesla Model S but are debating due to mixed reviews? A few Tesla owners have “run out of juice” while traveling through the desert. While this may seem disheartening, Teslarati has figured out the cause of these mishaps and blame the issue on extreme headwinds.

With a full charge, the Tesla gets about 240 miles worth of range. However, extreme headwinds may cut this mileage in half. Extreme headwinds force the Tesla to consume much more energy than it would have to for a regular drive with minimal weather influences. This problem was tested by Teslarati when a sandstorm with 25-mile-per-hour headwinds reduced energy consumption levels in half.

Many Tesla owners don’t realize that even when the Tesla says it has 0 miles left, it has about 10-20 miles left for reserve. If you notice your Tesla is creeping towards 0, you will want to pull over and put the car into “tow mode” and in neutral so that the Tesla does not have to be jump started to be towed. Additionally, it is important reset the car after you have recharged the Tesla from empty so that it does not remain in “depleted power” mode.

As a Tesla owner, it is important to note that if you call for Tesla roadside assistance, they will either have your Tesla towed to a location with a charger or will provide you with a short-distance charge.

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