Survey Reveals Teens’ Worst Driving Habits

For the first time in nearly a decade the number of teenagers involved in deadly car crashes is rising, according to new federal data.

The data reveals a 10 percent increase in teen driving deaths over last year.

The most common mistake teen drivers make is poor visual scanning, followed by speeding, then distracted driving, according to a survey by AAA.

Speeding is one of the biggest factors in deadly crashes. Over the last five years, speed was the main factor in 30 percent (or 4,200) of the 14,000 fatal crashes involving teen drivers.

“I think one of the kind of disturbing things is that it’s not getting any better,” Tamra Johnson of AAA, told CBS News. 

Johnson said the AAA survey found parents were often more guilty of bad driving than their teens. In fact, 65% of driving instructors complained parents are worse at teaching their children to drive than a decade ago.

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