The Big One — The Monster Earthquake to Hit Southern California

The “Big One” is a large earthquake predicted by seismologists to hit Southern California along the San Andreas fault line in the near future. The energy built up along this fault should be considerable as the fault has not experienced a large rupture of 7.0 in many years. Scientists and seismologists consider the “Big One” long overdue.

San Andreas is California’s fastest known moving fault. There are hundreds of smaller faults spread throughout the region and most people who live in Southern California are within 10 miles of a fault. This is why most California residents have experienced lots of small earthquakes.  If the “Big One” were to hit soon and register at a 7.0 or higher on the Richter Scale, the damage is expected to be significant..

The “Big One” could last as long as 100 seconds, which is much longer than the devastating Northridge Earthquake that was recorded to last a mere 7 seconds. It is also anticipated that the “Big One” would likely disrupt the transportation system, potentially shutting down rail lines from the twin port complex.  As the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are responsible for 40% of the United States’ delivery of goods, the impact stretches far past California alone.

If the “Big One” occurs soon, it would be wise to be prepared in a financial sense, with full insurance coverage for your home. Potential damages due to extended power outages, disruption to water and gas supplies, as well as the actual structural damage, should all be give serious consideration.

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