Top 4 Myths Exposed: Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Safe driving tips should be the number one priority when teaching your teen driver the rules of the road.  Teenagers are often so eager to receive their driver’s license they fail to comprehend the safety tips taught during their driver’s education courses.  Parental guidance is critical to keeping teens safe while they are operating a motor vehicle.  Here is the truth behind the top four teen driving myths:

  1. Driver education classes are enough – Although these classes are extremely helpful, they do not fully prepare teens for the reality of driving.
  2. It is safe for teen drivers to have a lot of passengers – This is perhaps one of the most common misconceptions. The more a new teen driver is distracted the more likely they are to experience an auto accident.
  3. Teens think they are not going to get into a car accident or become distracted – When a teen driver thinks they are the exception, not the rule, trouble brews ahead.
  4. After one year of driving beneath a Graduated Drivers License they have mastered the road – A teen driver fails to look at the statistics behind young drivers.

We all need to be properly insured.  For help insuring and educating your teen driver, contact us at Chivaroli Premier.