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January 2014

Protect Your Home: Insure Against Catastrophic Weather

You might think you are sitting pretty in the New Year. Perhaps you even took the opportunity to review your insurance policies, resulting in a few coverage adjustments. You are set to go. That is, until disaster strikes. You may

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Homeowners Insurance Claims Cost Rising Across The United States

If you are a homeowner, then you should know that recent data shows that homeowners insurance claim costs are on the rise. Data from the Insurance Research Council shows that the average amount of an insurance claim payment rose by

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5 Tips to Help Lower Auto Insurance & Keep Your Car Running 10 Years from Now

Buying a car is like buying any other commodity; essentials are key. Car maintenance is crucial to keeping your car on the road for years to come. Let us look at the top five ways car maintenance can help keep your

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Top 4 Myths Exposed: Keep Your Teen Driver Safe

Safe driving tips should be the number one priority when teaching your teen driver the rules of the road.  Teenagers are often so eager to receive their driver’s license they fail to comprehend the safety tips taught during their driver’s

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Water Back-Up, Overflow, or Discharge: Your Mini Guide to Homeowners’ Claims

When it comes to water damage there is a thin line between what’s covered and what is not. Here are the differences between a water back-up, discharge, and overflow. Water Back-up – The term “water back-up” is applicable when water is unable to

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Your Homeowners Insurance Isn’t Protecting You as Much as You Think it is.

People with homeowners insurance tend not to worry much about damage to their home, but perhaps they should. After all, it’s never a good situation to realize that, not only must you pick up the pieces following a disaster, but

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