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August 2014

The Most Recent Car Accident Scam In SoCal

Staged car accidents and insurance fraud can come in many different forms but a new car accident scam called scoop and squat is now on the rise in Southern California. This is a staged car accident caused by teams of people

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Stay Protected For One Of The Most Common Disasters

Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters in the United States and although certain areas may be more at risk of flooding, it can happen anywhere. Your homeowners insurance policy does not offer coverage for flooding related damages

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Risks To Prepare For Before Starting Home Renovations

If you have decided to go forward with your home improvement renovation project it would benefit you to do a little planning beforehand. Many homeowners do not take enough time to assess the risks before plunging into home renovations. Take

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Your car is a giant computer – and it can be hacked

As seen on CNN Money:  Imagine driving down the highway at 70 miles per hour, when suddenly the wheel turns hard right. You crash. And it was because someone hacked your car.  It’s not far-fetched science fiction. It’s the near-term

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Natural Swimming Pools Taking Over The West Coast Market

Swimming pools are a great way to beat the heat but sometimes the chlorine can be too much. Many people prefer a more natural setting to a chlorine bleached poolside; BioNova has solved the problem with natural swimming pools. Imagine

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Mom bites pit bull as it attacks girl

As seen on CNN: Curious how your dog plays a role on your homeowners insurance? Contact Chivaroli Premier. 

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10 Things You Thought Home Insurance Covered

Homeowners insurance can keep you covered in many cases, but not all. Many people choose home insurance without knowing what is and is not covered. This makes it difficult to know what coverage you need for the areas that aren’t

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Google’s new car: No driver, and no steering wheel

As seen on CNN: Google has revealed a prototype of its latest driverless car — and this one doesn’t even have a steering wheel. The car will only have a stop and go button. No steering wheel. No pedals. Unlike

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Experts to offer tips on researching your home’s history at seminar

As seen on the Los Angeles Time: Homeowners sometimes identify with the architectural history of their homes as strongly as they do their own ancestry. How to know for sure if a house is a Craftsman, Arts and Crafts bungalow

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Car collectors fuel rapidly rising value of Japanese classics

As seen on the Los Angeles Times:  Eight years ago, Terry Yamaguchi paid $5,000 for a bright orange 1973 Datsun 240Z. A couple of years later, she sold the car for a little more than she paid for it. If

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