Young man moving into college dormitory

Address Your Insurance Needs Before College Starts

It’s once again moving season at university campuses across the country.


Parents, you may be frantically checking a list of every item your kids might need at college, but you should add insurance to your list.


An insurance checkup during this time can bring you some peace of mind and possibly save you some cash while your young adult is off learning.


You’ll want to look at your homeowners, auto, and health insurance to know what’s covered and what’s not.


For instance, if your student is taking a car to their out-of-state college, it’s essential to make sure your auto policy meets the insurance requirements of the new state.


But, if your child moves more than 100 miles away from home and doesn’t take a car, your premiums could drop.


Another significant consideration is whether your student will live on-campus or off-campus.


If your child is moving to on-campus housing, your homeowners’ insurance will usually provide coverage.


However, be sure to find out if there’s a limit on possessions covered because the items your kid takes with them, like laptops and TVs, won’t be in your home. Also, make an inventory of what your child takes to college.


If your student will be living in an off-campus apartment, renters insurance is a necessity. Here’s a quick guide on renters insurance and what policies cover and often exclude.


College is an exciting time, but you want your student and their stuff to stay safe. So add an insurance review to your checklist as the new school year starts.