Advantages of an Independent Insurance Agent

Independent Vs. Captive Insurance Agencies

When it comes to protecting your most prized possessions, you will need to choose which company to hold your insurance policies with. This means making the decision of utilizing an independent insurance agent or a captive agent. Gathered are just a few advantages of an independent insurance agent:

  • When you utilize the services independent agencies provide, you get to enjoy both choice and flexibility. Since they do not answer to one insurance carrier, you will be given multiple quotes so that you can evaluate which policy addresses your primary concerns.
  • Likewise, your independent insurance agent will be able to guide you towards the policy that best suits your needs at the most competitive price point.
  • Another perk of working with an independent insurance agency is receiving unbiased advice throughout the entire insurance process.
  • Additionally, your independent insurance agent will provide you with claims help. Filing a claim will be significantly less daunting as the agent who you have developed a bond with will be by your side through each step.

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