Top 4 Hurricane Preparation Myths

Safeguarding Your Home Against Hurricane Damages

Unfortunately, hurricane preparedness has almost gone completely out the door with the accumulation of preparedness myths. Rather than remaining misinformed, keep in mind the top 4 hurricane preparation myths:

  1. Myth:Hurricane evacuations are determined by the speed of the wind. Fact: Hurricane evacuations are actually determined by the threat of inland flooding and storm surge.
  2. Myth:Since I live in a coastal community, I can feel confident since building codes are stronger and stricter for these communities. Fact: Building codes are not altered for coastal communities.
  3. Myth:There is no use in conducting preventative measures against hurricanes since it would cost well over $10,000. Fact: Protecting your home against hurricane damages can cost less than $1,500.
  4. Myth:If informed of a hurricane’s arrival, I will just mask my windows with “hurricane” duct tape to prevent severe damage. Fact: In reality, duct tape can actually cause your windows to shatter in larger shards of glass, causing more injuries. This is a wasteful preparation tactic that only wastes time.

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