Chilly Day? Don’t Leave Your Car Idling!

Car Thieves Targeting Idling Cars During The Winter Months

For anyone that lives in the cold, the temptation to leave your car idling when running quick errands often overwhelms your logical instincts. There is no harm in leaving my car running while I run back into the house to grab an extra coat, right? In reality, the commonality of car thieves targeting idling cars is growing in popularity.

Since idling becomes a common habit of those trying to keep their rides warm during the frigid temperatures, it becomes increasingly more important that we discuss the dangers of this habit. When you leave your car running, your car remains warm, but criminals are waiting for you to turn the other way.

To ensure that you are covered should your car be stolen while idling, it is important that you contact your auto insurance agent for confirmation. Often, state and local ordinances view idling as a crime and will actually fine you for leaving your car running without anyone inside it.

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