Cyber Security Coverage Becoming Important For Homeowners

From the new fridge that shows you photos of your food to the thermostat that learns how to heat and cool your house the internet of things has reached Main street.


The internet of things describes physical devices such as appliances, watches, and cars, that have embedded electronics to enable these objects to collect and exchange data over the internet.


Homeowners and renters will soon face many of the same risks from hackers that companies and governments are facing today. 


The more devices that are connected to the internet means hackers will have more ways of gaining access to the computer systems and data they store.


In the massive Target data breach in 2013 hackers used the retailers HVAC system as a way to gain access to the sales terminals to steal customer data.


Some experts predict less sophisticated hackers will search for smaller and less sophisticated targets, finding a windfall in homes and residences.


Home cyber insurance is just starting to enter the marketplace, but could provide homeowners with coverage for malware attacks, private non-business data breaches and online fraud.