Thieves Turn to Laptops to Steal Cars

Thieves are turning to tech to hack into and steal some late-model vehicles, raising alarms for both law enforcement and auto insurers.


A pair of car thieves were caught on camera using a laptop to start a 2010 Jeep Wrangler and steal it from a home in Houston, Texas (watch the surveillance video below).

Fiat Chrysler, the makers of Jeep, General Motors and Tesla have all altered their car electronic systems over the past couple of years after learning their vehicles could be hacked.


The National Insurance Crime Bureau, an insurance-industry group that tracks car thefts, told the Wall Street Journal it recently has begun to see police reports that tie thefts of newer-model cars to what it calls “mystery” electronic devices.


“We think it is becoming the new way of stealing cars,” NICB Vice President Roger Morris told the WSJ. “The public, law enforcement and the manufacturers need to be aware.”