Los Angeles family that lost their home moves into new ‘Eco Bungalow’

After losing their Beverlywood home to a fire during the holidays in December 2011, a Los Angeles family recently moved into a new home, a gift from their community.

The so-called Eco Bungalow is the first of its kind, a fire-safe, energy-efficient, non-toxic and affordable building constructed with materials donated by local businesses.

Steven and Cindy Ambers and their children never dreamed they would lose their home to fire, much less that they would be recipients of such a generous gift a few years later. Their house burned on the sixth night of Hanukkah two years ago when one of their children brought home a menorah he had made in preschool and, after the family lit it and moved into another room to open presents, it tipped over, catching the table on fire.

The family was able to escape uninjured, but their home was a complete loss.   A tragic story with a happy ending, but not all families can be so lucky.  To ensure that you are properly insured against unforeseeable events, please contact Chivaroli Premier.