Should you get insurance with that holiday drone?

This holiday season thousands of amateur pilots will take the controls of hobby drones.

The aerial swooping and swooshing that is sure to follow will likely lead to a few cracked windows and a few bodily injuries.

That’s when the liability claims could take off.

“Almost no one is thinking about insurance coverage when they’re opening the box,” Chicago attorney Jeff Antonelli told Bloomberg. Antonelli specializes in federal regulations for unmanned aerial systems.

Most of the affordable recreational drones weigh less than a few pounds and don’t pose much of a risk to personal property.

However, the liability protection in homeowners insurance policies for recreational drones is not universal. Some policies will cover damage or injury from a drone crashing into a neighbor’s house or vehicle and other policies won’t.

One of the only insurance policies designed to cover hobbyist drone pilots comes from membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics, which charges adults $75 per year.