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February 2014

Los Angeles family that lost their home moves into new ‘Eco Bungalow’

After losing their Beverlywood home to a fire during the holidays in December 2011, a Los Angeles family recently moved into a new home, a gift from their community. The so-called Eco Bungalow is the first of its kind, a

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Smoke detectors offer inexpensive protection from fire-related deaths

The tragic story of Damian Young, who recently died in his Mid-City home after his room caught on fire, is a sobering reminder as to why it is important to have working smoke detectors in your home.  Young, 37, often

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The Big One — The Monster Earthquake to Hit Southern California

The “Big One” is a large earthquake predicted by seismologists to hit Southern California along the San Andreas fault line in the near future. The energy built up along this fault should be considerable as the fault has not experienced

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Teen Drivers and Texting While Driving

CNN’s Kelly Wallace talks with a family about safety behind the wheel and the realities of texting while driving.

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California Wildfires Pose Serious Threats

Drought and forestry management practices have created a state of emergency in the forests that lie close to urban areas in California.  The Yosemite wildfire sparked fears that available resources would be unable to stop the fire’s path before it

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Corvettes swallowed up in sinkhole

As seen on CNN: Eight Corvettes were swallowed up by a sinkhole inside the National Corvette Museum.

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American Heart Month is Raising Awareness to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading killers of Americans, including conditions such as heart disease, coronary artery disease and stroke. Surprisingly, for something that is such a widespread cause of death, cardiovascular disease is nearly entirely preventable with the

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Wildfires Put California Homes At Risk

Wildfires set records this year as the result of ongoing droughts. Many people across California and the US were left without homes. CoreLogic’s Wildfire Hazard Risk Report now identifies that more than 740,000 residents in 13 states are at high

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